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SNAIX neuro bike wins German innovation contest
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SNAIX neuro bike
SNAIX trainer
SNAIX walking bike

SNAIX - Usage

Recreation & Family
SNAIX training is lots of fun,will get you fit & relaxed and avoid or cure most back problems.

SNAIX kiddy – the walking bike for kids.
SNAIX training in schools.
WellFit training & Fitness Studio
With SNAIX training mental and physical balance and emotional harmony can be achieved pleasantly. Vital powers will come back accompanied by an obvious "feeling well".

SNAIX training offers a lot more than only warm up, fat burning and endurance training.
Sports & Competition
In competitive sports of today the same strength and stamina of professionals is standard world wide. There are other factors that decide upon victory or defeat: optimized coordination, psychomotor strength and reaction speed.

Concerning these facts, SNAIX training will optimize the training of sports professionals. (Foto: Paraglide instructor Markus Fiedler at Zandvoort beach 1998)
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
After testing SNAIX training most therapists stated a much higher motivation for patients in comparison with todays standard training. They where convinced that it will remain attractive for patients for a long period of time - no break ups any more!

With both SNAIX training methods (either active mobilisation or reactive stabilisation) the neuronal system and all movements will be optimized and the spinal column and trunk will be stabilized.

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