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In the beginning the SNAIX neuro bike was a result of plain interest in geometry and bikes. But soon after it turned out that it’s most important effects are the neuronal (coordination) and muscular training caused by the special geometry.

As far as we know now, it is the only training gear that combines prevention, therapy and medically correct training with lots of sport and fun indoors and outdoors.
Meanwhile there is lots of proof that the holistic SNAIX training pattern, that evolved from learning with the bike, is a simple but effective answer for the growing number of health problems like back pain, overweight and motor – neuronal disorders.

SNAIX training is good for sports enthusiasts to improve their performance and a growing number of health aware people to stay fit and healthy at even old age.
In fact children and teens (the “motionless computer generation”) can support their own development with attractive gains and lots of fun and prevent themselves from developing motor dysbalances, getting too fat or developing intellectual incompetence.

Our exciting development from nosy play around with bikes to attractive therapy gear for neuro problems shows, that it is possible to create top innovative and effective solutions by new combinations of well known and even simple technologies.
Sustainable innovation does not always need “high tech”. In many cases it can be realized successfully with well proven and tested, ecologically sound and cheap “low tech”.


„Healthy and fit with holistic training“ is our clear statement and guide line to develop sports and therapy gear for many applications and for all age groups – from professional sports all the way to therapy of severe diseases.

Further developments and the successful production and marketing of sustainable ideas and products is our future and worthwhile challenge.

SNAIX training philosophy || download PDF file

If you like to support our vision, then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Friedrich B. Grimm Inventor Dipl.-Ing. architect

Engelbert Rolli Developer Dipl.-Ing. architect Manager Snike Sport GmbH (foto: arge loa | Stuttgart)

Milestones of a remarkable development

1996 The architect | designer Friedrich Björn Grimm invents the SNAIX fitness bike

1997-1998 Several prototypes are built. Patent application. Registration of trademark SNIKE (derived from snake bike) -> new trademark SNAIX in 2003

1998 Formation of Snike Sport GmbH in Stuttgart. Associates are the architects| industrial designers Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Björn Grimm and Dipl.-Ing. Engelbert Rolli M.A. (Berkeley USA)

1998-1999 Development of the serial SNAIX fitness bike. Cooperation with bike manufacturer Diamant and Bruno Banani designer wear. First press conference and support by indoor bike Olympic winner, Jens Fiedler. Issue of fitness bike patent

2000 New company structure with investor. Entry into market with the SNAIX first edition fitness bike. In fall 2000 first improvements of the SNAIX frame and introduction of the models SNAIX single speed and SNAIX easy. Second press conference. Finalist "ISPO brandnew award"

2000-2001 The designers | developers are awarded with the "red dot, best of the best" Design Price and with the International Design Price "Focus Mobility" for the SNAIX fitness bike. Development of the SNAIX roller track and first prototypes

2002 First time presentation of the SNAIX roller track on the FIBO show. First successes with the training of sports pros that are constantly expanding and growing since then

2002-2003 Patent application for the holistic SNAIX training pattern and for specially designed training gear. First prototypes are made

2003 Because of international trademark strategy decisions, SNAIX is introduced as the new trademark for the “training pattern”.
On the Nuremberg toy fair Nic introduces the SNAIX kiddy walking bike.
The SNAIX training pattern is awarded with the “Innovation Award Fitness Equipment” on the FIBO show 2003

2005 Issue of patent for SNAIX training pattern.
“Physio Innovation Award 2005“ for the roller track. Tests and measurements with a professional rider for the first time yield proof, that SNAIX training on the fitness bike optimises coordination

2006 The SNAIX fitness bike is awarded the „label 2006“ by the Deutscher Werkbund (founders of the BAUHAUS) for promising innovation in training and therapy. Development of the SNAIX system for intensive care (dynamic bed) and dynamic SNAIX operation table. First two prototypes

2007 We trust in many positive signals, surprises, new ideas and in a constant development of our products and business

2008 From now on we call our bike SNAIX neuro bike since SNAIX training optimises the neuronal – coordinative system.
A novelty in the world of training: On FIBO 2008 we presented the SNAIX trainer with an electronic interface to activate speed and curves with all known PC games or game consoles. This means holistic – medical training with highest motivation and fun effects!

The first self welded SNAIX bike

Prototype 1: frame made from square steel tubing

Prototype 2: aluminium frame

Prototype 3: Guylaine frame made from 25 ChroMo 4 steel (Diamant)

Prototype 4: Guylaine frame made from 25 ChroMo 4 steel With this frame we built 40 test bikes together with Diamant for extensive testing.

Serial model 1, summer 2000: Guylaine 25 ChroMo 4 steel frame (foto: arge lola | Stuttgart)

Serial model 2, early 2002: SDE | Zonelight 25 ChroMo4 steel frame. Current frame version. (foto: Quellenhof | Stuttgart)

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