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Study: Does SNAIX Training change movements of riders in the saddle? | 01-24-2006

From November 05 till January 06 we conducted a pre test-study to find out if SNAIX training on the fitnessbike has any effects on the change of posture of riders.

The data where collected with the sonoSens mobile measurement system of our partner Friendly Sensors AG.

The most impressive findings are the following:

1. SNAIX Training on the fitnessbike obviously brakes all old movement habits and builds up a coordinated symmetric movement pattern with improved rotation in the pelvis area.

2. After a six weeks pause with SNAIX training the test person fell back into her old habits, even though she had bought a new horse in the meantime.
Obviously riders transfer their negative habits successfully on new horses.

Read the full study on the homepage of our partner

The report as pdf (Original or in extracts):
Study: SNAIX training for Riders (in German only)

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