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SNAIX neuro bike
SNAIX trainer
SNAIX walking bike

SNAIX product family

SNAIX neuro bike

The SNAIX neuro bike offers the greatest variety of possibilities for the application of SNAIX holistic training. Easily stowed away in the trunk of your car, you can get it out to train whenever and wherever you want.

SNAIX neuro bike easy
SNAIX neuro bike first edition
SNAIX neuro bike single speed
SNAIX trainer

Combine the SNAIX neuro bike (any model) with a SNAIX stand and you can do your SNAIX training at home.

Suitable for competitive sports training as well as for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

SNAIX stand home
SNAIX stand profi
SNAIX studio trainer

SNAIX 8move training on the SNAIX studio trainer is simulating the movements of the patented SNAIX neuro bike and it is already used successfully by several studios and health centers. It combines SNAIX training with cardio- endurance training.

Sorry, but at this moment this trainer is out of production. We are looking for a new producer - please contact us if you are interested.

SNAIX walking bike

Even the little ones can profit from the SNAIX movement principle:
The SNAIX walking bike kiddy combines fun with neuronal learning and motor development. Suitable from approx. 2 1/2 - 6 years.

SNAIX walking bike kiddy
SNAIX accessories

The practical SNAIX shoulderbag for the fitness bike allows easy and clean transport.
SNAIX shoulderbag

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