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SNAIX neuro bike wins German innovation contest
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With SNAIX training
fit brain - better sports - powerful back - more fun

SNAIX traningErgometer training
Holistic SNAIX training keeps fit and vital. It improves individual motor performance and reaction speed with most sports activities - like football, basketball, tennis, golf, mountainbiking, horseback riding, ski, snowboard etc.Tests and research conducted by sports pros, physicians and therapists have proofed the following benefits:SNAIX training philosophy (detailed description) || download PDF

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Video Quicktime | Video Media Player | SWR 3 TV (German) | Jan. 25th + August 6th 2007
Video | SNAIX neuro bike in action | 1998 & 1999 press conferences

Natural movement pattern
SNAIX training and all gear adopts the most important human movement principle:While walking, shoulder belt and hips are moved in "contra lateral rotation" (left arm and right foot are moved forward at the same time and vice versa). Full neurological functions can only be obtainend by individuals, when in early years they learn to master this movement perfectly.
Natural movement pattern | Contra lateral rotation | Cerebral training | Proprioception

Perfect training for body and brain with extra fun
No training could be more holistic than the movement pattern our body is designed for:SNAIX training devices use this pattern to train the brain and muscle systems optimally at the same time - movements become better coordinated, more supple and joyful. SNAIX training devices always keep the correct motion sequence - exercise can never be carried out "wrong". Just relax and get addicted by the fun of it.
Fun and motivation | Back and neck muscles | Belly training | Movement intelligence | Training in muscle chains

Sports, Wellness, Fitness, Fun all in one
A noticeable harmonization and improvement of body and brain can be achieved with regular SNAIX training units of as little as fifteen minutes. SNAIX training combines effort with fun and it reduces stress symptoms - pure motivation! Outdoor training on a SNAIX neuro bike satisfies highest demands and with it's surprising effects outmatches a great number of known training methods, such as jogging, nordic walking, today's studio training, aerobics, biking or inline skating and even many of todays sport's pro training methods.
Short training units | Harmony | Fun and motivation | Reduction of stress | Sensorimotor functions | Psychomotor function

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