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SNAIX neuro bike
SNAIX trainer
SNAIX walking bike

SNAIX Training: What is SNAIX training based on?


SNAIX training is based on three-dimensional movement patterns, that strengthen almost all muscle systems and improve their endurance.
The required coordination yields an intensive training of the neuronal system and the connections between both brain parts. This is why we call our bike SNAIX "neuro bike".

SNAIX training is moving brain and body - it's "holistic training".

In the following texts all physical-neuronal aspects of SNAIX training will be explained referring to the SNAIX neuro bike for easier understanding.

SNAIX training philosophy || download PDF file


The SNAIX neuro bike is a ”bending bike”


SNAIX training simulates “human contra lateral rotation”

To ride the SNAIX neuro bike “reactive stabilization” with the back is required

The SNAIX stand asks for “active mobilization” of the spine

Wirkung des SNAIX Trainings

What are the effects of SNAIX training?

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